Pourquoi étudier à l’UPHF

Why study at UPHF

A university on a human scale, UPHF is the very first " polytechnic " university in France.

An original model

This new model of institutional structure is based on a reorganization around two poles: on the one hand, science and technology, and on the other, the humanities. The challenge is to accompany each student in the development of a tailored curriculum, both transdisciplinary and international, and thus promote their future professional insertion.

A wide range of training courses

UPHF's educational offerings cover all Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral levels in many fields of study, while offering an innovative interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum. So you'll find the course you're looking for! Many opportunities are also offered to improve language skills both locally and through stays with our foreign partners.

An environmentally friendly university

UPHF is also a reasonably sized university spread over 5 campuses and respectful of the environment.

It is moreover part of an ongoing sustainable development action by measuring its impact on the environment according to the Bilan Carbone approach proposed by ADEME.

Green campuses

UPHF also benefits from green and friendly campuses !

There are numerous sports facilities and picnic areas available to students on these campuses, which are well served by public transportation.

A dynamic region in the heart of Europe

The Hauts-de-France is a dynamic region! If you like sports, culture and leisure, you will not be bored !

The geographical location of UPHF makes it easily accessible  it is located in the heart of Europe, with five airports nearby, a train station and several bus companies.

You will also have the opportunity to travel to other cities in France!