Formalities to be completed before the defense of the thesis

Since October 2022, the thesis defense process has been completely dematerialized.


  1. No later than 8 weeks BEFORE the thesis defense, the doctoral student begins the steps on ADUM.
    . He/she selects "I want to make my defense request"
    . Then fills in all the information necessary for his thesis defense, including:
    - Date of the defense
    . - Complete address of the place of the defense
    . - Time of the defense
    - All members of the jury
  2. The doctoral student submits his or her dissertation in pdf format. This is the document that will be sent to the rapporteurs and jury members.
  3. The doctoral student makes an appointment with the SCD Thesis Services (BU)* in order to complete the dissemination charter.

*The procedures to be completed before and after the defense are also described in the Guide du doctorant and on the University Libraries website (UPHF → Library → Research Support → Infos Thèses → Guide du doctorant).

Thesis director

Once the doctoral student has given all the information concerning his/her thesis defense and submitted his/her dissertation, the DT will be informed by email.

Expected actions for the thesis director on ADUM:

  1. Check all data filed by the doctoral student.
  2. Correct if necessary the data
  3. Give your opinion on the appointment of the rapporteurs and the composition of the jury
  4. File your attestation on honor, attesting that you have neither joint publication nor had a research contract, with the rapporteurs, in connection with the themes related to the subject of the thesis since its start.

Beware, in the rest of the process, any error will have important consequences because this information will be used in particular to:

  • Edit " the "Appointment of Rapporteurs", signed by the President.
  • Editing the "Authorization for Defense," signed by the President.
  • Send invitations to rapporteurs and jury members
  • Editing the convocations to the members of the jury
  • Editing all necessary jury materials


Secretariat of the Doctoral School

SCD thesis services (BU)