Why support the Foundation

Because investing today for tomorrow's world is a socially responsible and committed action

Whether you are an individual or a company, supporting the Foundation financially means:

  • helping students to live and study in the best possible conditions
  • helping students and young graduates integrate into the world of work
  • accompany the University in its missions and on its territories
  • contribute to the development or launch of projects
  • orient research activities towards specific professional applications
  • favor the emergence of solidarity-based and innovative projects

Supporting the FPP means taking part in the world of today and tomorrow

The Fondation partenariale Hauts-de-France is a registered charity.

A foundation with values

- A foundation committed 
to students and to those who create the future

- A local foundation 
rooted in its region and close to its partners

- A responsible foundation 
whose priority is success and well-being

- A responsible foundation

- A responsible foundation

- A responsible foundation 
- A foundation open
to the world and supports mobility 

- A humanist foundation 
that works for equality and all opportunities

- A foundation aware 
of environmental issues and the need to protect future generations

- A foundation turned towards others 
because it's together that we make and will make great projects and valuable actions