As a meeting place for players in the fields of mobility, industry 4.0 and CSR, the IMTD sets up themed programming cycles each year.

  • Le 15/02/2024

  • 09:30 - 12:00
  • IMTD - Mont Houy Campus

Biomimicry, literally, the imitation of the living, consists in drawing inspiration from nature to design new technologies, to innovate. It was, for example, by drawing inspiration from birds and their wings that the first ancestors of airplanes were born. In this way, biomimicry proves to be fertile ground where innovation and technology converge harmoniously with the fundamental principles of life.

With this in mind, Hauts-de-France Innovation Développement, in partnership with the Transalley technopole, invites you to an immersive day of seminars and workshops dedicated to the in-depth exploration of biomimicry. Over the course of the day, we'll explore how it can make a significant contribution to the crucial issues of our time, including the energy, economic and social transition. We'll discuss the exciting opportunities it offers for rethinking how we design, build and live in an ever-changing world.


The morning (open to all) :

  • Definition, reminder of the current situation and the factors driving and accelerating Biomimicry.
  • Presentation of the academic, industrial, entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem.
  • Presentation of the Biomim Deeptech generation resulting in particular from the Biomim'Invest report.
  • Sharing customer feedback and presentations with participants.
  • First spontaneous leads (tour de table and mapping of issues and problems).

The afternoon (40 people, reserved for incubatees from Hauts-de-France Innovation Parks and entrepreneurship experts):

  • Explanation of methods for ideation and exploration of relevant biological models, through to prototype development, transposition of living principles and concept design of new materials, products or services.
  • Atelier & restitution: discovery of biomimicry methodology and presentation of the global cognitive approach through practical application on 3 stages of the biomimetic design process.

We will provide a meal for all participants.

Alain Renaudin is a graduate of Paris Sorbonne University and Sciences Po Paris. In November 2011, he created NewCorp Conseil to support and advise on strategies, projects and communication around CSR issues. Keen to raise awareness of biomimicry and its ecosystem, it supports manufacturers and startups, and organizes the Biomim'expo.

Anneline Letard is a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts du Mans. Passionate about ecological and bio-inspired creations, it was only natural that she should specialize during and after her studies in the design of multidisciplinary biomimetic projects. Since 2016, she has been in charge of design and architecture at Ceebios.